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Student Ph.D./M.Ch.* Thesis Title Year
Kunwar Mrityunjai Sharma Effect of discountinuity on the permeability of Rockmass Ongoing
Ratan DasStress and deformational behaviour of weak jointed rockmass during tunnellingOngoing
Bankim MahantaInvestigation of fundamental mechanism on rock fracture by nanomechanics based modelling techniques(IITB-Monash)Ongoing
Ashutosh TripathyGeomechanical characterization of potential shaly rock in India and its evaluation for gas generationOngoing
Biplab Kumar MukherjeePetrophysical Characterisation of Sedimentary rockmassOngoing
Prashant SinghGeomechanical and Petrophysical characterization of Cambay ShaleSubmitted
Tushar GuptaFly ash utilisation in haul road construction in open cast coal mines : A geo environmental and hydrogeological investigation (IITB-Monash)2018
Debanjan Guha RoyModeling of the Fracture Formation in the Sedimentary Rocks due to Fluid Pressure (IITB-Monash)2018
Lakshmi Kant SharmaMacro and Micro Scale Study of Artificially Structured Soil: A Slope Stabilization Perspective2018
Ravi Kumar UmraoRock Slope Stability Assessment along NH222, Malsejghat, Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra2018
Nikhil SirdesaiNumerical and experimental study of rocks under very high temperature conditions: Underground coal gasification (IITB-Monash)2017
Suman PantheeStrata Behavior During Tunneling in Weak Rock Mass of Central Himalayan Region2017
Mashud AhmadCategorization of Aggregates Using Petro-Physico-Mechanical Parameters: Analytical Hierarchy Process and Petrographic Factor Approach2017
Shariq Irfan AbbasiPetrophysical and Geomechanical Characterization for a Tight Sand Reservoir2017
Shyo PrasadRock Mass Assessment for Design of Support System and Tunneling Stability in Weak/Jointed Formations2017
Rajesh SinghThermo- Mechanical Modeling for the Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Media2016
Rakhi Arvind PandeyGeomechanical Evaluation of Reservoir Rocks2016
Prakash Kumar SinghAssessment of Stability in Seismically Active High and Steep Hill Slopes – Himachal Himalayas, India2016
Mohd. Khalid AnsariRockfall Hazard Assessment at Saptashrungi Gad Temple (SGT), Vani, Nashik, Maharashtra, India2015
Ratnesh TrivediPrediction and Control of Blast Induced Flyrock in Surface Mines using Artificial Neural Network and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System2015
LaldinpuiaGeological Studies of the rocks at landslide prone localities in Aizawl, Mizoram. (Co-Supervisor)2015
Prasnna JainEvaluation of Engineering Geological and Geotechnical Properties for the Performance of a Tunnel Boring Mechine in Deccan Trap Rocks – A Case Study from Mumbai India2014
Ashutosh KaintholaNumerical Simulation of Road Cut Hill Slopes Near Mahabaleswar, Satara District, Maharashtra2014
Sarada Prasad PradhanTo Investigate of Failure Mechanism of Dump Slope in Mahanadi Coal Field Vis-aVis Fly ash Utilisation for long Term Stability, Safety, and Susainability2014
Mohd SazidInvestigating the role of effective stemming in engineering blasting operations for open-pit mines2014
S. S. GupteInternal Dump Slope Study With Special Attention to Enhancement of Dump Height ViS -A-Vis Stability2013
Vikram VishalAn investigation on carbon dioxide sequestration in Indian coal seams (IITB-Monash)2013
Amit K. VermaThree Dimensional Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modelling of the Deep Underground Repository for High Level Nuclear Waste Disposal2012
Surendra RoyA study on blasting dust management system in an open cast coal mine2011
Kripamoy SarkarLandslide risk analysis in and around Luhri area, Lower Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh, India2009
M. KhandelwalBlast design and ground vibration prediction and assessment in open pit mines2007
M. MonzejiEffect of Ground Water pressure on stability of slopes2002
Dr Arif HamidNeural Network Analysis of Shock Wave Fragmentation characteristics in Renal Stone2002*
Dr Rohit SinghGeo-morphological and Geo-mechanical characteristics of Renal Stone2001*
V. K. SinghInfluence of mineral constituent and microstructures on geo-technical properties of rocks2000

Student M.Tech. Thesis Title Year
Madhu Babu NakkaPetro-physical Study of the Miocene Carbonates, Kutch, India2015
Lakshmi Kant SharmaSoil Slopes Stability Assessment along the National Highway (NH-222) in Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra, India2015
Prashant SinghRockfall Assessment of the Road-cut Slope along the National Highway-222 in Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra, India2013
Mashud AhmadLandslide assessment of the road-cut slope along the state highway-72, Maharashtra, India2012
Sudipta ChandaGeo-mechanical characterization of Gondwana coal and its application to enhaced coal bed Methane recovery2012
Rajesh SinghNumerical approach to quantify the slope stability of landslides prone area, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra2011
Ravi Kumar UmraoLandslide risk assessment of road cut slopes along NH-109, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand2011
Raktim DasExperimental approach to determine the frictional properties of different rock types in simulated fault gouges2011
Gaurav ShuklaMicrofacies and petrophysics of early eocene carbonates of Kutch, India2010
Gyanendra Nath MishraShear strength reduction approach for slope stability analysis2010
Saurabh SrivastavaAttenuation of dynamic properties and its relation to petrophysical parameters2010
Trishit GhoshTo establish correlations between geotechnical, petrophysical and mineralogical parameters of rock mass.2009
SankaraRao PeddadaEffect of Porosity and Permeability on Petrophysical and dynamic behaviour of petroliferous basin rocks.2009
Patil Hemraj PrabhakarNumerical simulation of jointed road cut slope in Agastyamuni, Uttarakhand.2009
Anoop Kumar MishraSlope stability analysis in a jointed rock mass in Agastyamuni Area, Rudraprayag-A Numerical approach.2008
Sunil Kumar SahuUse of Well Log Data for Well correlation.2007
Vikram Kumar PandeyIntegrated Interpretation of Seismic and Petrophysical Data from North Sea 3D seismic data set.2007
Mohamed Hydrose KSlope Stability Analysis of an Iron Ore Mine Dump,Goa,India.2007
Saumya Kanti GoswamiEstimation of static properties of rock by dynamic waves and validation using Artificial Neural Network2006
Kripamoy SarkarGeotechnical investigation of Amiyan Landslide, Uttaranchal2005
V. SinghFailure Criteria for Rock Joints and its Prediction2003
V.S. MagiEquivalent Continuum Analysis of Jointed Rock Slopes2003
H. BabuApplication of ANN for Prediction of Blast Induced Ground Vibrations2003
M. KumarEffect of Ground Vibration on dump Stability2003
R. K. PandeyA study on slope stability in jointed rockmass2002
Rajesh RaiA study on dust generation potential of some Indian rocks & its correlation with physico-mechanical properties2002
M. KhandelwalApplication of neural network for the prediction of triaxial constants from uniaxial compressive strength2002
K. Ram ChandarInfluence of Nonels on rock fragmentation in opencast mines2001
S. KumarDump slope stability- A Case Study2001
A. P. SinghEffect of surface blasting on underground mining activity2001
D. K. SinghLHD productivity in coal development panels using solid blasting1999
G. RajuEfficient blasting in open cast mines1999
Mukesh KumarTechno-economic evaluation of rock blasting1998
C. SawmlianaSlope stability analysis of a sandstone quarry of Mizoram1997
A.V. JoshiFlyrocks and its control1997
R. D. DiwediBehavior of rock at lows temperature1996
M. GoyalPrediction of Shear strength in confined and unconfined state1995
P. K. SinghEffect of fault plane in stability of slope1995

Student M.Sc. Dissertation Title Year
Bankim Chandra MahantaAn Investigation Into the effect of joint Orientation on Slope Stability in Road Cut Slope, Himachal Pradesh2014
Debanjan Guha RoyDetermination of the elastic constants of basalts by compressional wave velocity and density2013
Gourav Basu2D dynamic slope stability analysis in the highly jointed rock mass in and around Mahabaleswar2013
Nikhil SinhaCarbon sink capacity of over exploited oil field2013
Rajesh PrasadSubsidence profiling due to extraction of hydrocarbons from a reservoir2013
Anup Kumar ShahiStrata behaviour due to exploitation of hydrocarbon in sedimentary basin2013
Vikash Chand MauryaPrediction of surface and sub-surface settlement due to exploitation of natural gas: a numerical simulation2013
Apu SaikiaGeomechanical Classification and Characterization of Rockmass along Road Cut Slope, Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam2012
Vikram MajiProbabilistic and Deterministic Analysis of Rock Zonation Near the Highway cut Slope, Guwahati, Assam2012
Rohit RanaInvestigation Stability  of Caprock in a Reservoir using COMSOL Multiphysics2012
HimangshuNumerical Simulation of Propagation of Fractures due to Fluid Injection in a Reservoir2011
ManendraInfluence of Shear Wave Velocity in Subsurface Ground Profile2011
Sandip AgarwalSlope Stability Analysis of the Jointed Rock Mass in the Birrik Landslide  Zone, Darjeeling, Eastern Himalayas2011
Vivek Kumar SinghStress Distribution around Horizontal Oil Well Drill2010
Ankush SinghLandslide Analysis of Road Cuts Along NH109 Between Rudraprayag   and Agasthyamuni, Uttarakhand2010
Daya ShankarAnalysis of the Geotechnical Properties of Jointed Rocks along NH109 Between Rudraprayag   and Agasthyamuni, Uttarakhand2010
Sarda Prasad PradhanSlope mass rating and stress distribution pattern in Jharia coal field area.2009
Yogaxem SharmaDirect determination of porosity using seismic density.2009*
Vikram VishalPetrophysical characterisation of some rocks and its applications.2009
Dinesh KumarStudies on fracture mechanics and rock deformation: An image analysis perspective.2009*
Swagatam BhowmikRisk analysis of land-slide prone area of lower Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh.2008
Ananda MaitySlope Stabilty in the Konkan Region in and around Ratnagiri Area.2006
Shalini LopezStudies of confined and unconfined strength behaviour of some weak rocks of lesser Himalaya.2006
Anuradha NarayanGeotechnical Investigation along road cut slopes near Deoprayag,Uttaranchal.2006
Debasish SahuGeotechnical Investigation of Cut Slopes Near Ratnagiri ,Konkan railways.2005
A. J. AlphonsoSlope Stability Assessment of Ghatkopqr Hill, Mumbai2004