The central library of the university is situated in the middle of the university campus and the total area in library of both the floors is 2250sq. meter. At present it has total collection of 2,34,701 documents. It also contains a section of unpublished theses. The collected information material has been organized discipline wise in multistoried stacks.
Organization of Collections :
Books are basically organized by the 19th edition of Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme on the iron racks in the ground floor of the library.
Textbooks :
User community of the academic library constitutes mostly the students, teachers and research scholars. The academic courses requires various sets of prescribed textbooks, therefore the library maintains a separate collection of books, so large number of students may use and share their requisite information.
Reference Books :
The library has good collection of reference tools, such as encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, yearbooks, which are secondary or derived source of information. These collections are continuously updated with tools & supplements to old ones, in order to give only the latest on the subject.
Theses :
Theses collection includes only the doctoral these submitted by the students of the university.
Major Sections :
  • Purchase Section
  • Technical Section
  • Textbook Section
  • Research and Reference Section
  • Manuscript Section
  • Computer Section
  • Documentation Section
  • Publication Section
  • Maintenance Section