MAHATMA GANDHI KASHI VIDYAPITH, VARANASI महात्मा गांधी काशी विद्यापीठ, वाराणसी (An Uttar Pradesh State University)

Seminar/Workshop/Conference/Congress Notifications

Title Organized By Event From Event To Uploaded Date PDF
National Academy of Human Resource Development organizing workshop on "Official Language (Rajbhasha)" at Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. NAHRD 11/05/2020 13/05/2020 05/03/2020
Organizing National Seminar on "Thematic and Stylistic Analysis of Contemporary Indian English Novel" Deptt. of English 13/02/2020 13/02/2020 11/02/2020
Organizing 03 day Workshop on "Gwalior, Agra Evam Jaipur Gharana : Gayaki Ki Vishishtata" Deptt. of Performing Art, MGKVP 13/02/2020 15/02/2020 08/02/2020
Organizing Two day National Seminar on "Effective Human Empowerment in India : Challenges and Opportunities" Department of Sociology/Center of Excellence 18/02/2020 19/02/2020 23/01/2020
Organizing 02 day National Seminar on "Environmental Degradation, Land Use Change and Sustainable Development" Dr. Vibhuti Narayan Singh Gangapur Campus, MGKVP, Varanasi. 15/02/2020 16/02/2020 21/01/2020
Organizing an exciting two day Film Festival "SAMABHAV" on gender, masculinity and relationship. Deptt. Of Social Work, MGKVP 18/01/2020 19/01/2020 16/01/2020
Organizing 21 day Teachers Training Programme on "Research in Higher Education" Dept.of Education & P.M.M.M.N.M.T.T., MGKVP 07/02/2020 27/02/2020 16/01/2020
Organizing one day workshop on "Growing Need of Professional & Life Skills with the Degree Courses for the Benefit of the Students Success" Deptt. of Economics & Young Skilled India 17/01/2020 17/01/2020 11/01/2020
Organizing Two day National Seminar on "Climate Change : Impact on Developing Countries" Department of Political Science 04/02/2020 05/02/2020 04/01/2020
Deptt. of Law organizing two day National Seminar on "Social and Economic Status of Women after Dissolution of Marital Relations : Problems and Legal Solutions" Department of Law 01/02/2020 02/02/2020 24/12/2019