The main objective is to create the Department of Sociology as a pioneer centre of teaching, research and extension program worldwide with special reference to following concerns:

  • To equip students with a sound academic foundation that helps them to question critically , think logically, communicate clearly , act resourcefully and live ethically.
  • To inspire a passion for learning among students with national ,Global and Multicultural Perspectives .
  • To promote Gandhian Thought in order to Grace the Self and the world wide socio-economic and cultural development.
  • To make responsible citizens in order to solve various social, economic, cultural and demographic problems through new discourse of knowledge.
  • To develop thinkers, leaders and innovators whose subsequent efforts will benefit the humanity.
  • To make environmental and ecological awareness .
  • To establish freedom , equality, fraternity, brotherhood and individual identity through restructuration of social system.
  • To establish the rule of law in the interest of social and economic justice , prevention of conflict, crime & violence and enhancement of fair allocation of services.