1. The Department of Sociology was established in 1961.
2. In India generally 4 schools of sociology are referred and acknowledged, Bombay school, Lucknow school, Kashi Vidyapith School and Calcutta School. Amongst them, Kashi Vidyapith School of Sociology is referred prominently for extra ordinary contribution to Sociology with special reference to Indian social thought, the Indology.
3. In Kashi Vidyapith, as an important subject (paper) sociology was started at UG level from the beginning of the university (1921). The massive contribution given by world famous scholars like Dr. Bhagwan Das the first Bharat Ratna & Acharya Narendra Dev created the grace of Kashi Vidyapith School of sociology.
4. Later in 1961 Department of Sociology was established. Eminent scholar Professor Raja Ram Shastri took the charge as the first acting HOD, then, similar great academician Professor K.N. Sharma served as the first full-fledged HOD.
5. In starting phase of the department, maximum domains of the sociological studies were incorporated for teaching and research. Especially Indian social thought, Advanced Sociological Theory, Industry and Society, Rural Society in India, Urban Society in India, Criminology and Penology, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Development, Social Demography, Sociology of Religion, Social Anthropology etc, were adopted as the thrust area.
6. After 1970s decade, department started giving special attention to Modernization of Indian tradition, issues related with industrialization, democratization and social problems.
7. After the decade of 1980 department explored its attention towards the study and research of Criminology and Penology, Sociology of Religion, Anthropology and Coming crisis of Sociology.
8. In the beginning of 21st century, Department of Sociology adopted unified syllabus recommended by University Grants Commission.
9. Ethnic Problem, Globalization, Information Technology, Terrorism etc had have importance for teaching and research.
10. The department of sociology is now moving towards the end of golden jubilee year.
11. Sociology in India, Sociology of India and Sociology for India is the concern domain worldwide. To manifest the current quest has become a priority of the Department of Sociology, ‘The Sociology for India’.