The specialized Faculties of the Department are pursuing their basic researches in the fields of (i) Cognitive and Affective Processes, (ii) Social Cognition in Culture - Specific and Cross - Cultural Perspectives, (iii) Personality Disposition in Health and Disease, (iv) Family Systems Perspectives and Wellbeing, (v) Clinical Psychology coupled with Counseling and Guidance, and (vi) Behavioural Neuroscience, and above all, the major thrust area (as specialized courses) both at the UG (Psychopathology) and PG (Psycho-diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches) levels are the emphasis of the Department.

A perusal of the consorted efforts of the Department highlights the basic research area in the field of Cognition and Health Psychology, Clinical and Applied Social Psychology. To meet the future needs, the Department proposes to develop a well equipped Cognitive and Health Psychology Laboratory with three sub- cells of (a) Cognitive and Affective Processes, (b) Clinical and Health Psychology, and (c) Behavioural Neuroscience and a specialized Counselling center for those in need. To meet the current pressing needs and objectives of the department, the following are the requirements.

To meet the global challenges, the department proposes to strengthen the departmental library by subscribing National and International Journals as well as reference books and text books in the various fields of specializations.