Department of Law
Name of the Department
Department of Law
Name of the Faculty
Faculty of Law
Year of the establishment
Head of the Department
Prof. C.N. Tiwari
About the Department

Keeping in view of such sort of pious ideals and objectives, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith established this Faculty of Law on the very historical day of  2nd October, 1983, the birthday of its source of inspiration, Mahatma Gandhi .

The Chancellor of the University His Excellency the Governor of Uttar Pradesh gave his approval in 1984. After that the highest body of Law professionals, the Bar Council of India, in its statutory capacity, utilizing its powers, gave its recognition to the course of LL.B., (three year Degree Course) in May 1985.

Sixteen(16) part-time lecturers posts were created by the State Government Uttar Pradesh to equip the Faculty with Law Teachers having knowledge, skill and efficiency, in 1986.

In August 1993 , the State Government of Uttar Pradesh provided three full time lecturers post for the Faculty. In October 1996, again the state Government of Uttar Pradesh created one Professor and One Lecturer's post.

In spite of such sort of full time and permanent Faculty members, it is the high will and enthusiasm of the Faculty members and University  i.e. M.G. Kashi Vidyapith, the Faculty of Law started the Master Degree Course (LL.M.) in 2000-2001 with the dawn of 21st Century with the guidance, supervision, support and assistance provided by some living legends of Law viz Late Prof. Krishna Bahadur, Ex.-Dean, Faculty of Law, Allahabad and Banaras Hindu University, Prof. L.M. Singh, Allahabad University, Prof. S.N. Misra the famous scholar and writer in the field of Industrial Law and  Criminal Law, Prof. B.P. Singh Allahabad University, a thinker philosopher and researcher of his own kind in the developing area of Jurisprudence and Environmental Law, Prof. R.K. Pathak, Gorakhpur University Prof. B.C. Nirmal ,B.H.U. the famous writer, interpreter and  Professor of International Law  having too many writings in Hindi and English both in the area of International Law, the Philosopher, Friend and Guide to his students like we the Faculty of Law Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Prof. B.N. Pandey,  B.H.U., Prof. Shahkat Ali MJP Ruhilkhand University, an well known activist and Constitutionalist.

Objectives of the Department  
1. To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education at all levels to achieve  excellence.
2. To provide advance studies and promote research in all branches of law.
3. To provide sound knowledge of legal systems, principles and applications to the challenging needs and demands of society.
4. To create realization towards the protection of life, liberty and inherent dignity in human beings and inalienable  rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice  & peace.
5. To start new academic programmes in the emerging fields of law.
6. To develop a sense of  regard and responsibility in the students to serve society.
7. To endeavor to make law and legal process an efficient instrument of  social change and development.
8. To develop awareness about Law we have made special reservations for Female students in admissions at all level.
Course running in the Department
S.No. Name of the Course(Regular/Self Finance) Fee Number of Seats Duration of the Courses Mode of Courses Regular (Full Time /Part time)
1 LL.B (Regular) Rs. 2905/- Per Annum 150 3 Years Full Time
2 LL.M (Self Finance) Rs. 15000/- Per Annum 40 2 Years Full Time
Research/Thrust Area of the Department
1. Constitutional Law
2. Criminal Law
3. Human Right
4. Environmental Law
Teaching Members of the Department
Name Prof. S.B. Singh
Designations Professor
Qualifications LL.M., Ph.D.
Teaching Experience 28 Years
Specialization Criminal Law, International Law
Thrust Area Criminology
No. of Published Books 01
No. of Published Papers 05
Contact No. 9415352855
Email Id -
Name Prof. C.N. Tiwari
Designations Professor (Head/Dean)
Qualifications LL.M., Ph.D.
Teaching Experience 26 Years
Specialization Constitutional Law, Administrative Law,  Jurisprudence
Thrust Area Administrative Law
No. of Published Books -
No. of Published Papers 26
Contact No. 9451738732
Email Id -
Name Dr. Ranjan Kumar
Designations Associate Professor
Qualifications LL.M., Ph.D.
Teaching Experience 12 Years
Specialization Constitutional Law, Administrative Law,  Jurisprudence
Thrust Area Constitutional Law
No. of Published Books 01
No. of Published Papers 13
Contact No. 9450182006
Email Id -
Name Dr. Prabhakar Sharma
Designations Guest Faculty
Qualifications LL.M., Ph.D.
Teaching Experience 20 Years
Specialization Business Law
Thrust Area -
No. of Published Books -
No. of Published Papers -
Contact No. 9415373207
Email Id -
Non-Teaching Members of the Department
Name Shri Ram Upadhyay
Designations Stenographer
Qualifications M.A.
Contact No. 9415265443
Email Id -
Name Shri Sanjay Kumar
Designations Clerk
Qualifications M.A.
Contact No. 9621613528
Email Id -
Name Shri Abhishek Rai
Designations Clerk
Qualifications B.A. Pursuing
Contact No. 9559892298
Email Id -
Name Shri Ashok Kumar
Designations Peon
Qualifications 8th Pass
Contact No. -
Email Id -
Departmental Library
S.No. No. of Books Name of National Journal Subscribed in the Department Name of International Journal Subscribed in the Department
1 559 248 NIL
Future Mission of the Department:
The Faculty of Law is planning  to impart some distance education programmes as the University academic Council has passed a resolution of such effect, to provide knowledge of specialized and categorized field of law to those who are unable to spare time and circumstances to have regular classroom study in the field of -
1. Human Rights.
2. Labour Laws.
3. Corporate Laws.
4. Cyber Law.