Department of Fine Art's
Name of the Department
Department of Fine Arts
Name of the Faculty
Faculty of Humanities
Year of the establishment
Head of the Department
Prof. Manjula Chturvedi
About the Department

B.F.A, M.F.A, P.G. Diploma in Fashion Design And Ph.D.

Objectives of the Department  
1. To Prepare Professoinal Student`s in the Field of Fine Art`s.
2. To Develop and Promote Aesthetic Vision.
3. To Import Full Technical Knowledge.
4. To Review the Historical Development in the Field.
Course running in the Department
S.No. Name of the Course(Regular/Self Finance) Fee Number of Seats Duration of the Courses Mode of Courses Regular (Full Time /Part time)
1 B.F.A. (Regular) Rs. 3165/- Per Annum 40 4 Years Full Time
2 B.F.A. (Self Finanace) Rs. 6265/- Per Annum 10 4 Years Full Time
3 M.F.A. (Self Finanace) Rs. 9165/- Per Annum 40 2 Years Full Time
4 P.G. Diploma in Fashion Design Rs. 8165/- Per Annum 20 2 Years Full Time
5 Ph.d. (Regular)       Full Time
Research/Thrust Area of the Department
1. Indian Painting.
2. Aesthetic.
3. Tribal and Folk Arts.
4. Museology Applied Arts.
5. Textile.
6. Indian Sculpture.
Teaching Members of the Department
Name Prof. Manjula Chturvedi
Designations Professor & Head
Qualifications B.A, M.A, Ph.D.
Teaching Experience 34 Years
Specialization Drawing and Painting
Thrust Area -
No. of Published Books 04
No. of Published Papers 18
Contact No. 9415451218
Email Id
Name Shri Sunil Kumar Vishwakarma
Designations Assistant Professor
Qualifications B.F.A., M.F.A., NET, M.Phil.
Teaching Experience -
Specialization Painting, Professional Stream
Thrust Area -
No. of Published Books 02
No. of Published Papers 03
Contact No. 9935409805
Email Id S.viswakarma@rediff
Name Dr. Ramraj
Designations Part-Time Teacher
Qualifications B.F.A., M.F.A., Ph.D.
Teaching Experience 20 Years
Specialization Applied Art's, Professional Stream
Thrust Area -
No. of Published Books -
No. of Published Papers -
Contact No. 9956275687
Email Id
Non-Teaching Members of the Department
Name Shri. Jagdish Narayan Singh
Designations Senior Assistant
Qualifications Graduate
Contact No. 9415846055
Email Id -
Name Shri. Arjun
Designations Clerk
Qualifications Intermediate
Contact No. 9450277407
Email Id -
Name Shri. Nandlal Singh
Designations Peon
Qualifications High school
Contact No. 9794975969
Email Id -
Name Smt. Gyatree
Designations Peon
Qualifications Educated
Contact No. 9389415145
Email Id -
Departmental Library
S.No. No. of Books Name of National Journal Subscribed in the Department Name of International Journal Subscribed in the Department
1 Hindi-01 to 683 & English-318 NIL NIL
Future Mission of the Department:
1. To Upgrade the Lab`s and Enhance the Aesthetic Vision of the Students in different branches of the Fine Art`s.
2. To Establishment Art Gallery with the collection of contemporary.